About reskin

In Summer 2007 we intertwine the practices of media arts and sound design, textile and weaving, jewellery, object and fashion design to produce the reskin Wearable Technology Lab. This collaborative project of ANAT, the Australian National University School of Art, the Centre for New Media Arts (CNMA) and Craft Australia places jewellers and fashion designers with new media artists in an intensive three week research and development lab.

Traditionally the ANAT annual media labs have focused on introducing the skills associated with emerging technological based forms and practices to a wide sector of Australian media arts practitioners, writers and curators. This year and this partnership opens up a new world of possibilities.. the outcomes of which are as yet unknown, but could include interactive, proactive and reactive clothing, jewellery, shoes, bags - anything wearable and technologically integrated.

Six international and national facilitators working with twenty one participants will make for interesting synergies and potential collaborations. The labs day to day activities are accessible via the regularly updated reskin blog.

reskin ends with the WearNow Symposium - a day of critical dialogue presenting diverse perspectives on the historical, innovative and developmental aspects of this rapidly developing hybrid arena. Discussions will be held at the National Museum of Australia and streamed on the Internet.

This groundbreaking project could not have been undertaken without the hard work and generosity of the following people and their organisations:

reskin Project Co-ordinator: Alexandra Gillespie
ANAT Executive Director: Melinda Rackham
ANAT General Manager: Gavin Artz
ANU Dean of Arts: Adam Shoemaker
ANU CNMA Director: Eleanor Gates-Stuart
ANU Head School of Art: Gordon Bull
ANU Head of Textiles: Valerie Kirk
ANU Head of Gold and Silversmithing: Johannes Kuhnen
ANU Head of Computer Art Studio: Gilbert Ridelbauch
ANU Liaison: Suzanne Knight and Andrew Watts
Craft Australia Executive Director: Catrina Vignando
National Museum: Adam Blackshaw

Thank you to all involved!