Joanna Berzowska (Canada)

Elise Co (USA)

Cinnamon Lee (Australia)

Alistair Riddell (Australia)


Susan Cohn (Australia)

Stephen Barass (Australia)

Joanna Berzowska

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Joey is an Assistant Professor of Design and Computation Arts in Montreal. She works primarily with “soft computation”: electronic textiles, responsive clothing as wearable technology, reactive materials and squishy interfaces. She is also the cofounder of International Fashion Machines in Boston, where she developed the first electronic ink wearable animated display and Electric Plaid, an addressable color-change textile. She received her Masters of Science from MIT for her work titled Computational Expressionism. She worked with the Tangible Media Group of the MIT Media Lab on research projects such as the musicBottles. She directed Interface Design at the Institute for Interactive Media at the University of Technology in Sydney. She holds a BA in Pure Mathematics and a BFA in Design Arts. Her art and design work has been shown in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum in NYC, SIGGRAPH, Art Directors Club in NYC, Australian Museum in Sydney, NTT ICC in Tokyo and Ars Electronica Center in Linz among others. She has lectured about the intersections of art, design, technology and computation at SIGGRAPH, ISEA, Banff New Media Institute in Canada and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea in Italy among others.


Elise Co

Elise Co

Elise Co is a multimedia designer and programmer. She is a former Professor of New Media at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, Switzerland, where she taught courses in interaction design and physical computing. Co holds a Master of Science degree in media, arts and sciences and a Bachelor of Science in architecture from MIT. At the MIT media lab, Co explored the synthesis of fashion and technology. Her work has been shown internationally, including at the Museum of Modern Art NY, SIGGRAPH, IMRF Tokyo, Cooper Union, and the New York Art Directors Club.


Cinnamon Lee


Cinnamon Lee is a Sydney born, Canberra based metalsmith, currently lecturing in the Gold and Silversmithing Workshop at the Australian National University, School of Art. Cinnamon studied jewellery and object design at the Sydney Institute of Technology before completing her Honours degree in Visual Art at the ANU where she received a University Medal. Cinnamon was winner of the Object award for Design for Manufacture in 2002 and following this undertook a mentorship with furniture/lighting designers Korban/Flaubert during which she developed a seat based on the idea of ‘reaction’.

Cinnamon’s work focuses on making objects that highlight the relationship between body and object through some form of interaction. She has most recently achieved this through the manipulation of light in the form of electric illumination. Cinnamon uses traditional metalworking skills alongside new processes such as 3D modelling and rapid prototyping together with basic electronics to create light objects on a human scale.

Cinnamon is currently a candidate for a Master of Philosophy degree at the ANU where her research addresses the effect that technology can have on the appearance of objects, more specifically in terms of new lighting technologies, in order to determine the possible impact this may have on lighting objects of the future and the way we respond to them. Cinnamon has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has work in the National Gallery of Australia collection.


Alistair Riddell

Alistair Riddell

As a composer, performer, programmer and teacher for many years, Riddell continues to express a fascination, not only with Sound Art, but a range of interactive digital arts practices. His interest in this direction can be traced back through his diverse practice over the past two decades.

Riddell is one of the prominent figures in the history of Australian Computer Music. During the 1980s he developed a variety of composition and performance systems for acoustic pianos under computer control. For this he was documented in the 1986 publication, 22 Contemporary Australian Composers . Early in 1998, he released a CD, Sturm und Drang, which contains definitive material from all periods of development with the computer controlled instruments from 1982 to 1987.

Recently, as one third of the HyperSense Complex ensemble, he explored collaborative interactive performance in a networked computing space. He facilitated and performed in Liquid Architecture 6, a Sound Art Festival, at the National Gallery of Australia in 2005. In another direction, he has collaborated with textile artists since 2004 to bring various strands of technology into that tactile context. Riddell studied Music and Computer Science at La Trobe University and holds a PhD in composition from Princeton University. He lectures in computer music in the Centre for New Media Arts at the Australian National University.


Susan Cohn

Susan Cohn

Susan Cohn is a goldsmith and designer who lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

After first training as a graphic designer, Susan Cohn completed her gold and silversmithing undergraduate (1980) and post-graduate studies (1987) at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Since 1984 she has been sole director of Workshop 3000, an access gold and silversmithing workshop, which she co-founded in 1980.

She has exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas, and she was the first Australian to have a product manufactured by the Italian manufacturer, Alessi. Among other accomplishments, she has won several awards, has served as President of Craft Victoria and has been inducted into the Design Institute of Australia Hall of Fame. In 1996 she worked at Canberra School of Art as the Australian National University 20th Anniversary Visiting Fellow. Her work is represented in all major Australian public gallery collections, and during 2001-2003, the National Gallery of Australia celebrated her work in a touring 20 year survey exhibition.

Ideas are central to Cohn’s practice. Her propositions draw from contemporary life, transforming industrial materials and ready-made elements and into valued jewellery objects. She uses street culture for design inspiration, observing how people appropriate everyday articles as adornment. Her other interests include a fascination with technology and a curiosity about objects and processes. She sets out to explore and extend the typology of jewellery by making exhibition, production and commission works which reflect our current times.

Susan Cohn is represented by Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne.


Stephen Barrass

Stephen Barrass

Stephen Barrass is an Associate Professor in the School of CreativeCommunication and Co-Director of the Sonic Communications Research Group at the University of Canberra. His research interests include mixed reality,interaction design, museum exhibits, multimodal information displays, sonification, generative art, and new interfaces for musical expression.

His artistic works include animated couches, haptic poems, edible soundscapes, virtual opshops, symphonic sculptures, and a brain concert.

He holds a Ph.D. on Auditory Information Design from the Australian National University 1998, and a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the University of NSW, 1987. In 1998-1999 he took up a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Kommunication in Germany. On return to Australia in 2000 he designed the Immersive Welcome Space as permanent installation in the Gallery of First Australians at the National Museum of Australia. Stephen’s other works have appeared in exhibitions that include UnAustralia 2006, Siggraph Teapots 2006, FACT Under the Radar 2006, Experimenta Vanishing Point 2005, Seoul Digital City Biennale 2005, Liquid Architecture 2005, Experimenta House of Tomorrow 2005, International Conference on Auditory Display 2004, Experimenta Prototype 2004, GRAPHITE International Art Show 2003, and ANIMAX Discover Virtual Worlds 1999.