Sarah Kettley

Sarah Kettley is a jeweler and interaction designer based in Scotland, working with small networked computer prototypes to investigate the potential cultural meanings of Ubiquitous Computing systems. Through her own practice, she actively reflects on Contemporary Craft as a resource for the development of richer Pervasive and Wearable experiences.

Napier University - EnsembleNapier Universitty - Sarah Kettley
Napier University - Videos of wearable crafts

Andrea Fisher

Birri-Gubba/Wakka Wakka artist Andrea Fisher primarily deals with the framing of Aboriginal culture. Her urban upbringing contrasted with her reflection on memory creates a rich response to current Aboriginal social dialogue. Fisher graduated with a BVA in Contemporary Australian Indigenous Art, and is an active member of the proppaNOW artist collective.

Ben Denham

Ben Denham’s work involves investigating the relationship between the body and the production of texts. His work has been shown in Mexico, the United States, Singapore and Argentina. Ben is currently completing a PhD. in Contemporary Arts at the University of Western Sydney.

Tania Fox

Tania Fox is an interaction designer working in London who examines, explores and plays with current and emerging technologies. She focuses on what possible consequences technology has on society how will it affect us socially, ethically, culturally and politically. Her design interventions often have a speculative and critical approach, expressing the complexity and uniqueness of individuals. Highlighting humans have complicated natures that our thoughts are more often contradictory, fragile and imperfect. Her projects in this area also explore how technology may play on our anxieties, passions, traumas, irrationalism, fantasy, perversion and love.

Somaya Langley

Somaya Langley is a sound and media artist and in previous years has been working on wearable sound experiences including HyperSense Complex and the Suspect Backpack. She has completed commissions for Experimenta, the National Film and Sound Archive and has received funding support from the Australia Council for the Arts, artsACT, the Australian Network for the Arts and Technology and the Friends of the National Library of Australia.

Danielle Wilde

Danielle Wilde’s research explores the role of the poetic in the design and use of interactive and wearable elements and systems. Her work, encompassing fine and applied art, design, performance, installation, commercial interaction design and blue-sky research, has been shown extensively in Europe, Asia and the United States.

Leah Heiss

Leah Heiss’ research examines the role of digitally enhanced apparel in mediating human relationships. Her current projects focus on developing garments and artefacts which sense and transmit heartbeat between physically dis-located people to enhance remote empathy. She lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne and is actively engaged in developing work, exhibiting, writing, researching and teaching.

High Tea with Mrs Woo

HIGH TEA WITH MRS WOO is a womenswear label by three Chinese-Australian sisters based in Newcastle NSW. The sisters’ design style blends Western influences with Eastern charm to create an unusual and striking flavour. They love to bake a good story and throw together unexpected ingredients in their work.

Elliat Rich

Born in Paris in 1978, Elliat Rich moved to Canberra in 1984. Before, during and after her Design degree at COFA, UNSW, Elliat travelled extensively throughout rural and remote Australia, by road and on foot with pack animals. She now works as a designer at The Centre for Appropriate Technology, Alice Springs.

Robin Petterd

Robin is a Tasmanian based New Media Artist. His recent practice has focused on evoking the sensory experiences related to being in and near the water. His work has been included in events in Australia, the USA and across Europe. Petterd has a PhD from the Tasmanian School of Art, The University of Tasmania.

Catherine Truman

Catherine Truman is a contemporary jeweller and object-maker. She is a co-founder and current partner of Gray Street Workshop in Adelaide- one of Australia’s most established artist-run spaces. Recently she was awarded an Australia Council Fellowship.
Current work is focused upon an interest in the history of two and three-dimensional imaging of human anatomy

Keith Armstrong

Keith Armstrong has specialised for 13 years in collaborative, hybrid, new media works with an emphasis on innovative performance forms, site-specific electronic arts, networked interactive installation, alternative interfaces and art-science and arts-health collaborations. He is a creative director, media designer and system integrator within multidisciplinary teams.
Grounded light project at Embodied Media

Clem Baker-Finch

Clem Baker-Finch is a photomedia artist living in Canberra. He is also a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science at ANU. Clem has a BSc in Mathematics, a PhD in Computer Science, a Graduate Diploma in Art and is currently a candidate for Master of Philosophy at the ANU School of Art.

Sean Oconnell

Sean O’Connell works metal to create wearable and sculptural forms of mechanical whimsy. He is intrigued by our relationship with machinery and technology, particularly the way in which the advancement of technology and the development of humanity interact with each other. His wearable work is always kinetic and usually interactive, begging to be fiddled with and teased.

Cecilia Heffer

Cecilia Heffer is a Sydney based textile designer. Her most recent work explores the notion of creating contemporary translations of one of the oldest and most seductive forms of textiles - lace. Her preoccupation is with exploring handmade textile processes in collaboration with emerging technologies.

Daniel Kojta

Daniel Kojta is a new media artist working in the arena of perception of phenomena. Informed by various expeditions thoughout remote Australia and the thoughts of Merleau Ponty, Paul Virilio, and McKenzie Wark, Daniel has presented interactive installations, which engage the audience in immersive environments and challenge their perception of sensual engagement.

Jonathan Duckworth

As an artist and architectural designer I explore spatial design and interaction in the creation of virtual environments that operate between the digital virtual, the human body and physical space. I am particularly interested in physical forms of interaction in relation to understanding the multi-modal qualities of digital space.

Michael Yeun

Michael Yuen is an artist and independent curator based in Adelaide, Australia. He has a special interest in interactive and sound installation. His works have been exhibited nationally. Previously, he has been the Artistic Director for the Project Series.